Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Beautiful Cutwork Lace Embroidery Designs to Spruce up Your Home Décor

Cutwork in machine embroidery is one of the most elegant and memorable embroidery techniques. Cutwork embroidery seems to be difficult, but actually it’s quite easy to do. Here are some beautiful Cutwork lace embroidery designs to spruce up your home décor: 

 1. Heirloom Treasures Sharon Table Runner – Sharon table runner is digitized by designer “Alinaline.” The machine embroidery design featured in table runner is an beautiful cutwork embroidery work. Highly detailed step by step instructions and full size printable pattern are accompanied by the design. Finished runner size is 46 inch x 16 inch. The design is available in the hoop size of 4x4 and 5X7.


 2. Doily Pauline – Doily Pauline design is digitized by designer “Embroidered Necessity.” This doily features a freestanding lace pattern as the centerpiece and an applique/cutwork border. You can use this design for table runners and table linens. This beautiful doily is approximately of 8 inch square and is available in the hoop size of 6x6 or 6x8. A complete set of instructions is also included with the design to complete the project.


 3. Blue Lily Cutwork Blue Lily Cutwork design set is digitized by designer “Enigma Embroidery.” You get several angled designs so you can create all sorts of projects with them.  These designs are available in the hoop size of 5x7.  Cutwork instructions are included.  A free sample of flower design is also available with this set.

 4. Dainty Daisy Table Toppers – Dainty Daisy Table Topper set is digitized by designer “Designs 4 Africa.” These beautiful table toppers will enhance the beauty of any room in your home. The table toppers are available in 4 different sizes including large round table topper of finished size 45 cm in diameter, small round table topper of finished size 28 cm in diameter, square table topper of finished size 65x65cm and daisy table runner of finished size 40x27 cm.  All of these designs are available in the hoop size of 5X7.


 5. BattenBurg Lace – Battenburg Lace is digitized by designer “Allsorts Embroidery.” It’s a colorful Victorian looking doily and can be used anywhere in your home. This beautiful doily is available in the finished size of 16 inches (42cm) in diameter. A complete set of instructions and photos are available with the design. The design is available in the hoop size of 5X7.

The Cutwork lace embroidery designs shown are just a sampling of the unique and beautiful designs available at  For more fantastic designs to choose from, visit OPW Mall, where your dreams become a reality, one stitch at a time!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Amazing and Affordable Machine Embroidery Designs

When it comes to affordable embroidery designs, patterns, and courteous service, there is one unique name that you can trust – OregonPatchWorks.  We have many different top quality embroidery designs to choose from for quilts, tablecloths, pillows, garments, hats, bags or anything that your imagination desires. Create personalized projects by adding our machine embroidery designs. We only supply the highest quality designs with your satisfaction in mind. Our collection of designs is simply excellent! All our digitizers are professional and experienced at what they do. Providing affordable embroidery designs is one of our specialties. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Machine Embroidery Designs

Embroidery is a beautiful art that has captured the attention of millions. It is the perfect way to add a crafty look to your home items such as cushions, quilts, curtains, handbags, blankets, and more. In the present times, the best way to transform your outfit into something spectacular is by adding beautiful embroidery designs to it. Whether you are a beginner or a professional embroiderer, you are always on the hunt for decorative designs for home décor or fashionable designs to dress up your wardrobes. At OPW Mall, we offer high quality machine embroidery designs, including applique, cross stitch, free standing lace, vintage embroidery, etc. at affordable price. We believe in providing quality artwork with excellent service in a fast and friendly manner.  

OPW Mall – One stop shop for 100s of fantastic digitizers. Some of them are illustrated below:

Friday, December 6, 2013

75% off Sale Ends Sunday!

Hi there! We haven't posted here in a while. We're in the middle of a Cyber All Week Long Sale...
The specifics are that 60 different artists have marked down an entire set by 75% so the prices are bordering on ridiculous...
You can go directly here to access the sale:

We have so much going on at Oregonpatchworks that this is just a slice of the sales.
Here's the rest of the sales:

Even if the site isn't on sale, they are still at good prices and high quality, so don't hesitate to check the non-sale sites also, by browsing the main index page:

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Ta-ta for now!!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

From The Needle of Anne Bookmarks!

This is Anne showing her ITH (In the Hoop) Bookmarks, called TakeNote. 
They are quick and easy and have a beautiful monogram. 
Find them here:
Set 2 is here:

You can also purchase as a single rather than A-Z: and

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Daily Design Musings – Pulling Threads Together

Last week, I had planned a complete organization of my sewing room. Instead, I was caring for my husband who came down with what we thought was measles. Luckily, when he finally went to the doctor, it was nothing quite so serious. Still, banging around my embroidery supplies and quilting tools was not conducive to the sleep he needed. I just finally got started on it all yesterday.

First, I created a new, big ironing board top. I used to use a pine board that measured 18” x 60”, which was great for some pressing needs, but inadequate for others. Since my old pine board needed to be replaced, I chose a new one that measures 24” x 48” and is ¾” thick. It’s heavy, but will last for about a decade. After drilling many holes in the center to let steam escape, I covered it with two layers of cotton batting and a fresh piece of cotton upholstery fabric. To hold it all in place, my handy staple-gun was utilized. The old board will be cut up to use as firewood in our outdoor pit. Don’t you just love double duty items?